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TRIBIJOU takes a surreal spin on a Tribal Sci-Fi hybrid. Tribijou is a play on combining geometries of hoops, flying discs and futuristic forms: drawing on the body with expressive lines, solids, and silhouettes of gold. Inspired by Middle Eastern henna forms and Bedouin ear embellishments, the collection blurs the line between body art and jewelry. The HKD girl sculpts her fingers and ears with multi hoops and discs. Her single hoop ear-cuffs are made to hug her ears, embellishing them, while her ear lobes are left running wild and free. She hangs around her neckline a disc-like charm calling on the sun. She wears her tribal palm tree around her neck or pierces it on to her ear lobe with a pearl; embracing an asymmetric look. With these single pearl earrings, she seems like she can never find her ‘other pair’ and simply does not care! As for her other ‘pairs’ they are mismatched: a co-ordinated composition of lines and solids of a variety of gold hues fused into one HKD look.