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RAWBIJOU is a play on lines and winding architectural hoops. Drawing in metal: on and around a woman’s body. It explores notions of positive and  negative space, by using the female body  as a site to sculpt out morphed geometries while paying particular attention to body language. The easily stackable rings, draw on fingers with expressive lines, volumes, and silhouettes of gold, blurring the line between body art and jewelry.The collection takes the hooped earring form in classic jewelry as a starting point, redesigning it into a modern hoop wave form. The single hoop earring is made for the girl who can never find her ‘other pair’ and does not care! While the single hoop ear-cuff is designed for the girl who embraces bold statements. No piercings are needed; the ear-cuff simply hugs the ear. The single pearl interchangeable ring-earring however, is an ode to the cool girl who never wants to grow tired of a static piece. She wears it as a ring or transforms it into an earring by simply plugging in a pearl! Like a miniature piece of architecture, the pearl levitates within its rhodium frame, and is finally trapped to fit on to the ear.