[hoo-kt] origin

[Hoo-kt] origin ~ [hook] a curved or angular piece of metal
[Hoo-kt] noun ~ [hook] something that attracts attention
[Hoo-kt] verb ~ [to get hooked on] be addicted to, or obsessed with

HOOKED|HKD is a Jewelry Brand that focuses on creating wearable sculptures. Inspired by Bedouin henna forms and Tribal jewelry, HKD’s pieces sculpt and elongate body features in a modern way. Formally, its collections take cues from the Tribal sacred activity of coiling around the body to morph it into exaggerated forms. Modernizing this sacred tradition, HKD liberates today’s woman, creating wearable sculptures that fuse coiling with wearability. The HKD pieces create the illusion of a stack of jewelry – a trompe l’oeil- while the cast geometries take cues from Bedouins’ obsession with the starry universe: comets, moons, and stars. HKD has recently added bejeweled handbags to its range. A reinterpretation of the Art Deco Cigarette Box once used by the elite who party. The bags are velvet sleeves of relaxed geometries juxtaposed with solid cast hardware.
HKD’s Creative Director, Farah Nasri, uses 3D printing technology as a medium for design, together with intricate traditional jewelry processes, pushing the boundaries of traditional materials to create jewels that carry a distinct formal aesthetic. Trained as an Architect, Nasri intends to shift the use of 3D printing techniques to fit jewelry instead of large scale architecture, by understanding the correlation of inhabiting spaces and smaller forms. HKD experiments with various materials; gold, rose gold, rhodium, black steel, and pearls. HKD’s avant-garde aesthetic and formal qualities have gained international recognition. HKD has been well received by The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Coveteur, Buro, Elle, Glamour, GQ, Marie Claire, ODDA, Tatler, CondeNast Traveller, and Vogue. HKD Jewelry has been selected to be part of Vogue Talent’s Vogue Italia in 2015, and as a finalist for Vogue Arabia x Farfetch Fashion Prize in 2016 and 2017. HKD Girls are Georgia Tal, Chiara Capitani, Gilda Ambrosio, Nausheen Shah, and Caroline Issa who have been seen HOOKED during Fashion Week.