Collection Classic

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  • NOIR is in reference to the night and to Bedouins’ eternal obsession with the night sky, its moon phases, and all that the starry universe has to offer. Formally, the collection takes cues from the tribal sacred activity of coiling around the body to morph it into exaggerated forms. Modernizing this sacred tradition, HKD liberates today’s woman, creating wearable sculptures that fuse coils with wearability. The rings and earrings create the illusion of a stack of jewelry – a trompe l’oeil – while the cast geometries take cues from black skies and the starry universe: comets, moons, and stars. The bags are sleeves of more relaxed geometries, almost envelope like. Velvet and silk are combined with industrial black steel or more refined 14ct gold to create conversational arm candy for the party girl who wants to completely free herself of the jewelry.